List of Colleges/Universities Offering AtmoScience Degrees

9 04 2009

I know there are many people who are very interested in weather. There are a lot of people that would not jump but absolutely LEAP at an opportunity to have a job making money with the weather. What’s holding you back??? College IS technically expensive, but nowadays, you can get in with NO money up front. A lot of people qualify for grants, scholarships and student loans, all of which you either never have to pay back or won’t have to pay until after you’re done with college (when you’re a meteorologist and can afford to pay back the loans). It’s not exactly rocket science (although close). Posted below is a MASSIVE list of all colleges in the US which offers AtmoScience, or Atmospheric Science, Degrees. The page also lists the point of contact if you’re interested, an email and more.

National Weather Association List of Collegiate AtmoScience Opportunities