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9 08 2009

I was just browsing around and came across a good post by a well known, albeit local, personality. Dan Satterfield is but a television meteorologist to some but an inspiration for others. Since 1995, I’ve been watching his forecasts and enjoying severe weather coverage with his excitable antics. The post I am mentioning here came from his blog, Wild Wild Weather Journal. It’s a good and startling read when you contrast today with tomorrow (figuratively).

Dan’s Wild Wild Weather Blog
Dan’s “Climate Change In Your Backyard” Blogpost



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9 08 2009
Dan Satterfield

Thanks Much for the kind words! A good way to think about climate change is that we are doing the experiment while we ourselves are in the test tube. It’s been called the largest scientific experiment ever conducted, and possibly the most dangerous.

What we do about climate change is a policy issue. What climate change is doing to us is a scientific question.


10 08 2009

The problem, I believe, isn’t the fact that no one cares – it’s the fact that many people believe scientists are “crying wolf”. Many people hear of or watch disasters on television but it never happens to them (err…most of them). Ad hoc, they believe that climate change will never happen to them (maybe the rest of the world, but not them). So they have a nice peaceful August day – just like every year. What they don’t realize is that the most dramatic effects taking place right now are at the two most remote and far reaching places on our planet – the South Pole and North Pole and areas around them. By the time any significant effects impact the midwest, the great plains or even the Tennessee Valley, I believe it will be far too late to prevent most of the atmospheric destruction. Most people need to see that it is real and it will get worse, even if they can’t see it – I guess it’s the same basic concept as ghosts – if they can’t see it then it doens’t exist.

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